Our New YouTube Channel

Over the years we’ve often been asked if we would make a YouTube channel for our work. It’s something I’ve always avoided because I’m too old to wear a baseball cap back-to-front while saying “Hey guys what’s happening?” to a camera set up in my spare bedroom. I also got the impression that most photography YouTubers work off the back of their personality rather than any talent with a camera.

So, we had a think about a few things over the current lockdown period and were amazed at the sheer quantity of time we had spent watching YouTube. It became somewhat inevitable that we would end up starting a channel.

What we wanted from the outset was a channel focused on good photography, and while this may be at odds with the majority who contribute to YouTube, it is the only way that we are going to play the game. We are photographers first and if making a perfect video gets in the way of taking a great picture, then the video will come second. Obviously, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be amateur hour on the video front but don’t expect to see drone shots, multiple angles, gimbal shots, or any of that stuff.

So what have we got lined up over the coming weeks and months?

We want our viewers to get an insight into our work, our methodology and what we look for in a photograph. There will be lots of images and discussion on how we get those images along with ideas and concepts which have held us in good stead for over 30 years. We are genuinely excited about the channel (notice we’ve not quite reached the ‘super-excited’ level) and are really busy with creating content that we hope people will like.

This is the first proper video we’ve added to the channel. Sarah shooting over half-term in Blackpool. It’s a POV video and shows just how easy she makes street photography look. From chatting to complete strangers to get a portrait, to shooting without breaking stride, and how she stays with a situation to get the best photograph possible.

We hope you enjoy it.



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